Konnecta excels in the field of DLT by boasting extensive experience in applying the technology in both novel and traditional technology workflows and stacks.The fundamental concept of blockchain technology is the distribution of power and decentralization of traditionally-central processes. This spectrum can be broadened to a variety of useful concepts and methodologies, such as distributed verification of information, decentralized modus operandi for digital functions and more. We envision that blockchain & smart contracts can be used, along with other supplementary technologies, to automate certain processes that require legal & operational integrity by removing the human factor from the equation and responsibly carrying them out. Our collaborative ideology is showcased by the technologies we develop as we offer technology solutions for streamlining cooperation between otherwise heterogeneous entities.

Smart contracts are integral in empowering the above purposes as they act as pieces of code whose functionality is distributed-ly verified by the participants of the network the code is executed in.

We help you to properly address and utilise DLT & Blockchain technologies for your respective needs.