Critical Infrastructure (CI) using KnowledgeGraphs for PRECINCT

Posted On: Jun 24, 2022
Digital TwinsCybersecurity

The formalisation of the Critical Infrastructure (CI) operations using Knowledge Graphs (KGs) is under way as the PRECINCT project advances!

The formalisation of the #CriticalInfrastructure (CI) operations using #KnowledgeGraphs (KGs) is under way as the #PRECINCT project advances! #Konnecta is working closely with the Athens Living Lab focusing on the interdependencies between the Athens Airport-Metro-Road operations. 

The semantic interconnection of CI assets in KGs enable the development of systems and services using inferred knowledge, which was not previously available. These include simulation tools to evaluate resilience and help determine appropriate responses to threats, services to determine and optimise CI operations, as well as real-time decision-making and decision assistance tools.

Looking forward to more robust disaster management using the developed #PRECINCT tools!