SPINE Kick-Off Meeting

Posted On: Feb 2, 2023
Green MobilityDigital TwinsData Analytics

Konnecta Systems participated in the launch of the Horizon Europe project SPINE.

Konnecta Systems, represented by Antonis Mygiakis and George Tsakiris, participated in the launch of the Horizon Europe project SPINE (Smart Public Transport Initiative for Climate-Neutral Cities in Europe)

SPINE’s vision is to accelerate the progress towards climateneutrality by reinforcing PTsystems through their smart integration with new mobility services, sharing schemes, active transport modes, and micromobility. The SPINE approach involves the creation of innovative simulation and Digital Twining (DT) tools, along with open data and behavioral models, that will allow the building of scenarios combining different mobility interventions (push and pull measures along with supporting policies) and the implementation of the most promising ones.

Konnecta Systems is responsible of the SPINE dataspace design and implementation with the goal to combine data from various connectors into a decentralized system architecture feeding the simulation modules.